Six Reasons Why Instagram is Perfect for Your Business

Instagram is a mobile application that lets users instantly upload and take photos. Users can also quickly edit the images using a set of filters and a 3-D effect (3-D tilt) that makes them stand out from other apps. It’s a mobile app that has gained popularity quicker than any other. This is probably why the person next to you at Starbuck’s is snapping a photo of the pastry case. It’s addictive and has hooked a lot of Android and iPhone users. Your business should follow the lead of the public.

You should know the 6 Reasons why Instagram is the perfect platform for your business if you are the owner or the person responsible for social media branding.

  1. Instagram is instantaneous

Instagram is available immediately, so there’s no need to wait until you return to your office or home to use it for brand building. You can snap the photo using your iPhone or Android and edit it, upload it, comment (remember #hashtag keywords), then share it from your brand’s account in seconds.


  1. There are no duplicate accounts

Facebook and Google+ require you to create a long personal profile before you can create a brand page. With Instagram, you can jump in as a brand without any consequences. It is very easy to set up.

  1. Everybody has an inner-photographer

Many business owners struggle to use social media to increase their customer base. This is mostly because they don’t know how to write or how to improve their content marketing skills. Everyone likes to take photos, and almost everyone feels that they have the ability to use the camera well. Despite the fact that darkroom results can sometimes prove contrary, Instagram’s ease-of-use editing will make you the Herb Ritts of product/service marketing.

  1. It makes your brand look interesting

This is what Instagram can do for you. The coolest thing about Instagram filters is that they make office supply suppliers, trash removal services, and internet marketers look great. You can use Instagram to showcase your product/service or corporate culture by sharing candid moments from your office. Instagram albums are a way for brands to show their personality in a way that no other social media platform has managed to do.

  1. Make a location page for your business

Google Places and Google+ Local Pages have shown the importance of having your physical location linked to your online brand’s presence. Instagram’s integration to the Foursquare location database makes it possible for you geotag the place where the photo was taken (i.e. Your business address, which can be added to the Instagram location page. You may find a new customer if users browse photos based on their location. You can also add your business to the Foursquare/Insta database if a location isn’t listed.

  1. It’s easier to gain followers Instagram Kaufen

The public will not feel that they are being spammed by your brand account because you cannot post links to Instagram. Customers will be more inclined to follow you on Instagram if you post photos that highlight your product service. With a larger fan base, it will be easier to establish brand recognition. Instagram links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so it can help those networks grow. Social network marketing follows the same rules as before: interact with your customers (comment, like) and follow them FIRST. They actually follow each other on Instagram.


Although it lacks the link opportunities that internet marketers are obsessed with, Instagram can be an amazing tool for building your brand and gaining recognition from your online customers.

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