Why prefer baby g watch for babies?

baby g watch

The G-Shock concept began once Kikuo Ibe set his sights on creating an unbreakable watch. It all began when Ibe was involved in an accident and lost his prized watch, given to him by his father.

This concept was first discussed 35 years ago at a meeting.

The first layout has been based on the idea that coating this same watch with the flexible fabric will minimize the impact when it falls. For this experiment, they chose a shock-absorbent rubber. Regardless of how many layers upon layer they used, this same watch could not withstand the shock. Additionally, the numerous rubber coatings gave it the appearance of a softball.

Special feature-

They devised a 5-step shock-absorbent configuration to address the size issue. This innovation cut the proportion of the watch while increasing the vulnerability of its electronic components.

A choice that was pivotal in advancing the world’s 1st shock-resistant watch.

Kikuo stepped out of his headquarters to take a break near the end of his final week and noticed a small child trying to play with a bouncy ball. An idea came to him at that precise moment. He devised a structure where the module might float within the court’s tunnel.

The accuracy of the baby g watch is well-known among watch enthusiasts. They use Multiband 6 technology to sync time in various time zones worldwide. It’s a system that allows each other receive a signal from six different broadcasters in Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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