What Everyone Must Know About Confinement Food Menu?


Confinement​​​ is the period for the body to regain as well as recover from childbirth. The idea of confinement is mainly familiar to Asians but foreign to Westerners. In earlier days, when the mortality rate of infants, as well as maternal, was high, this practice was followed to keep both the baby and mother indoors during the period of confinement. Some of the important facts about the confinement food menu have been discussed in this article.

Benefits of the confinement food menu 

Below are some of the important benefits to knowing about the confinement food:

  1. The type of food mainly helps in keeping the mother’s body warm, eliminating wind, replenishing blood, healing postpartum wounds, as well as avoiding blood clots.
  2. This type of food mainly helps in balancing hormones, removes excessive amounts of body dampness, as well as repairs tissues and internal organs.
  3. This type of food menu helps in increasing the supply of breast milk, replenishing mum’s Qi, helps in regulating blood circulation as well as helps in strengthening muscles.
  4. This type of food increases body energy and reinforces health.

A woman needs a lot of energy as well as sleep to recover after childbirth as well as to take care of the baby. It is essential for the women to consume a good nutritional diet during the confinement period with some of the special dishes, tonics as well as soups formulated to improve their wellbeing as well as in keeping the energy levels high. Confinement practices are an important part of recovery.

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