Sick kid’s foundation

A Cornerstone of the Children’s Health Initiative Charity and a drive to help those less fortunate is crucial across the globe. Philanthropic initiatives help steer progress towards a healthier world, which Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood intimately understands. Sick Kids is a children’s health organization in Canada with roots dating back to 1875. The ultimate aim of this charity is to destroy the illness in youth around this beautiful world. By conducting research and building improved medical facilities with higher capabilities, Sick Kids works towards a world where children are healthy – both mentally and physically. With a notable background in healthcare funding and facilitating education, bashir dawood & Mariyam Dawood has lent their support to Sick Kids. Over the years, they have made substantial donations to assist the foundation to accomplish their noble goals.

bashir dawood

Access to clinical care for mental and physical illness is imperative for a good quality of life. The main funding innovation in the medical field is always an investment which makes a lasting difference to the people lives of countless citizens throughout the world for teens and younger generation. This is a mission the Dawood family holds close to their hearts. Sometimes, charities encounter roadblocks to achieving their aims. Limits that Sick Kids encounter include translating research breakthroughs into tangible medicine, and establishing adequate facilities for treatment. Bashir Dawood is continuous breakers of boundaries. Through the ongoing support of the couple along with other donors, Sick Kids has been able to push the limits and reach for the sky. An increase in funding brings scientific breakthroughs from laboratories to the patients who need them. Bashir &Mariyam are proud to play a part in supporting the Sick Kids Foundation among several other charities. This is all carried out with the vision of building a better future for generations to come.

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