Keep healthy with flu vaccine clinics

Companies of all sizes face similar challenges during influenza season; they should keep absenteeism and productivity low. The issue is that counting on your workers by getting flu shots to protect themselves and their colleagues is a small gamble. A strategy is to sponsor a workplace flu clinic to your workers. Not only will you provide a valuable advantage that workers will appreciate, you will also be protecting your most important resource – your workforce.

Your First step when planning a successful flu clinic will be to find a flu vaccine provider that is respectable. A flu vaccine provider can allow you to schedule your practice, provide you with materials to promote your practice, and make it easy and cost-effective that you get employees immunized in a secure and timely fashion.

  • Contract with a flu vaccine provider that is trustworthy.
  • Reserve a designated area for your flu practice, with ample time allocated for installation and cleanup.
  • Orchestrate a communications strategy to promote the practice to flu jab singapore workers, using posters, signs and email reminders.
  • Consider using a competition or promotion to encourage participation, like tickets for a raffle prize for the first 50 employees who sign up to get a flu shot.

With The H1N1 swine flu on everyone’s mind this year, lots of people may be more interested in getting a flu shot. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, this is great news, because the seasonal influenza infects as many as 65 million Americans annually. Unfortunately, lots of individuals still feel that the flu is essentially inconvenient but not deadly; regrettably, statistics paint a different picture. The CDC reports that the seasonal flu claims approximately 36,000 lives annually, which is why it is crucial to immunize working adults and others identified as most likely to be spreaders of the influenza. Flu today is a time Season runs from November through March Clinic. Begin by seeking a flu that is Reliable vaccine provider. Your employees and you will be happy you did.

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