What is Workflow and how does it affects daily lives?

A Workflow can be defined as any sequence of tasks, instructions or inputs that are processed within a set of data to achieve the desired output. To put it simply, Workflows can be referred to paths that are used to describe how operates. For instance, a Workflow defines how systems, objects or instructions are executed or reverted back into the original form. Basically, anytime you see a set of data being passed from one system to another, it creates a workflow. Almost every type of business or system is made keeping the workflow in mind. Now that you know exactly what is workflow? It is time to get into a few depths.

How to observe workflow in real life?

A workflow can be observed anywhere at any given time. If one has sufficient knowledge regarding workflow, spotting a workflow in one’s day to day life isn’t hard at all. Since the above context defines what is workflow? You can now proceed towards recognizing it in real-time situations.

There can be many events that could be counted as a workflow. For instance, when you see your mailbox getting filled with mails, you decide to pass it down, and this creates a loop, this is where you can see the workflow in the process. Another example can be that moment when you are printing the same document again and again for whatever purpose may it be, it can be called a workflow too. A workflow can also be noticed when you discover that even though you’re putting in your efforts sincerely at completing a task but the right results are obstructed due to someone else negligence.

What is Workflow and how does it affects daily lives?

Difference between manual and automated workflow

The difference between these two major workflows is quite easy. In a manual workflow, an individual is required to drive every item from one point to the other whereas in an automated workflow, when in individual finishes a task, the rest of the task flow is dependent on the system rather than the same individual.

How can you differentiate between a workflow and a process?

At a narrow set of implementation, both workflow and process can be thought of as being the same. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll understand the difference. Actually, a workflow is used to refer to only a sequence of tasks whereas a process can be referred to a broader field of sequential tasks that include data, reports, forms, and other necessary things in order to complete a task from the start to the end. Basically, a process is a kind of workflow that words under strict structured conditions.

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